Whether you’d like to record from scratch or have existing stems, and whether you’d like to produce just one song or an entire album we have a package to suit you.

Voice over artists

With nearly 20 years experience in recording singers and voice artists, Start Recording can help you get the sound you want in a quiet and professional environment.

Bands or solo artists

With over 30 years writing, recording, arranging and producing and pop, rock, folk, dance and indie records Start Recording has the ideas and technical skills to help you make the sound in your head a reality.

Record companies

From producing stems for re-mixers achieving UK and US chart hits and gaining national radio airplay though to re-amping guitars, producing Eurovision submissions and remixing stems supplied by the artist, Start Recording can provide a fast and effective creative hub for recording, and mixing.


For audio book narration, video voice overs , advertisements and more we can help you get the quality recordings you need.
From £35 per hour


You want help in arranging, recording and producing a single track or album. We can help you to create a rich, authentic sound.
Single song - £697 including writing parts and recording
3 Track EP - £1897 including writing parts and recording
10 Track Album - £4997 including writing parts and recording


We produce stems for re-mixing, and can re-mix and produce artist's recordings for demo or to full release quality.
Writing and recording stems for  remixing - £350/day
3 Track EP from artist stems - £1097
10 Track Album from artist stems - £2997

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If you’re interested in one of the packages described above, or would like to talk to us further, please use our contact form.


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