12th June 2020

Number 11 Single - Owen Paul (StoneBridge/Damien Hall edit)

Prod and Start Recording have been working with Owen Paul on various projects since 2001. This was a collaboration between Owen’s songwriting and Stonebridge’s inimitable mixing talents. Originally the song was scheduled for a Robbie Williams album, but Owen then decided to work up the track with his vocal. Recorded at Start Recording as a […]

31st March 2020

Getting the sound of your amp into a computer

We've made a short video about our experience of getting all the tone and feel from your guitar amp using your tube amp, a speaker load, audio interface and TwoNotes Wall of Sound plugin

23rd January 2020

Start Recording on 6 Music

Today I was mostly waiting to do 'Small Claims Court' - small claims to fame, on Shaun Keavney's 6 Music show. Mine was that in the late 1990s i'd been playing a gig with my band Flow at the Kings Head in Fulham when I had accidentally spilled a beer over Rod Stewart...

3rd December 2019

Eurovision submission for Tony Myles

Tony Myles was the singer and songwriter with successful band The Poets in the 1960s. Continuing as a songwriter, he asked Prod at Start Recording, and Owen Paul as co-producer to help put together tracks for submission to the Eurovision Song Contest. The latest track “You Can’t Handle The Truth” is a homage to Phil […]

3rd December 2019

Impulse Responses for Two Notes software

Making speaker impulses responses with the help of Nick Moorbath at Evolution Studios and his awesome fully restored original 1970s 32 channel Trident 80B console. These enable us to get the EQ curves and speaker responses which allow us to get this amazing sound with our valve amps at Start Recording (always using a speak […]

7th November 2019

100x30 - The Pocket Gods and Friends 2017

The Pocket Gods are a British indie pop band from St Albans founded in 1998 by lead songwriter Mark Christopher Lee (sometimes known as M.C. Lee). The band have changed lineups over the years and released over 25 albums. As a statement against the lack of royalties paid to artists by streaming services, they decided […]



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